Francis welcomes the opportunty to speak with any serious person who is interested in Japanese, Chinese, or Mongolian swords, weapons, or armor. He is extremely knowledgeable on all of the subjects and is always willing to share and discuss information with like-minded people. Unfortunately, many people call Francis just to shoot the breeze or ask him to make rather... umm... odd pieces. As much as he would like to talk to everyone it is impossible for Francis to be on the phone, or the computer, and still get all of his work done.

For this reason Francis asks that anyone with a serious inquiry please send us an e-mail with a good description of your ideas, needs, and your contact information, including a phone number and an e-mail address. If it is something that Francis can do he will contact you. If it is something that he does not feel is within the scope of his abilities we will send you a reply and let you know. Please understand that it may take several days, up to two or three weeks, depending on the work load and travel schedule, to send you a reply.

Francis is capable of producing traditionally made custom Japanese Swords of the highest quality. His specialty is hand made, forged, folded, and laminated construction blades. He also makes all of the fittings and furniture necessary to finish a project, or will work with ones that you supply. He has the skill and experience to create a blade of almost any style and construction type that you may be interested in purchasing. Francis also does all types of restoration work on Japanese, Chinese, and Mongolian swords.

The cost of his work is not inexpensive, but, relative to other pieces that are currently on the market his work is an excellent value for the martial artist or the collector. When you buy a Francis Boyd sword you are buying a tool that is not only beautiful, but is also designed to work.

You can also check items on our Available Page to see if anything that Francis has already made might be of interest to you. Please check back from time to time to see any new items that have been added.

Depending on the construction and style of the blade, and the koshirae needed, the following prices are guidelines for the cost of a commisioned piece:

-Tanto- $ 2500

-Wakizashi- $5000

-Katana- $10,000

-Daisho(Katana with matching Wakizashi or Tanto)- $15,000

-Polishing and restoration work quoted on a sword-by-sword basis only after a hands-on inspection.

Please note that these prices are guidelines. Some items such as katana blades over 32", extra fancy Koshirae, or fancy matching Kodogu, can increase these prices notably. Prices are somewhat flexible depending on the total amount, and type, of work being performed.

Please send us your request today.