Chinese Kung Fu Weapons-
Early on in his career Francis helped make ends meet by restoring Chinese weapons for martial artists. He would frequent second-hand stores and flea markets looking for high quality Chinese bladed weapons. These were relatively inexpensive at the time and when he found a blade that his well-trained eye told him was good quality, he would purchase it, restore it to a safe and useable condition, and then sell it to a growing group of martial arts practitioners who were clamoring for his handiwork.

Pocket Knives- For 8 years (1982-1990) Francis and his partner, Ken Fireman, owned a Knife Shop on Market Street in San Francisco. They came up with many unique knives and were awarded 6 patents on 12 different designs. Francis stays in touch with his pocket-knife roots and makes sure to attend the Southern California Blade Show held annually in February.

Chinese- Since 1999 Francis has taken up once again with his study of Chinese and Mongolian bladed weapons. Far from the casual restoration of a sword for a martial artist to use, Francis is now seriously studying these swords, and their manufacturing and construction techniques in the same minute detail that he has already done with the Japanese blades. He goes to China at least twice a year to study with experts in the field at the Beijing Institute of Iron and Steel Technology. Director Sun, the head of the Institute, and Professor Han Rubin, the chief Archeo-metallurgical Scientist, are at the top of their field in the study of ancient metal weapons.

Future- Since 1995 Francis has gotten to know several martial artists who are involved in the Japanese Sword Arts. He has looked at the modern swords which are currently available and has taken a keen interest in making a high quality katana at a reasonable price for the serious martial artist. In early 2000 Francis began searching for a forge that could produce a katana to his exacting standards. He continues to persue this project enthusiastically.